Tango Music for Dancers

Let's dance to the music! ©

Joaquín Amenábar plays Bandoneón as a soloist as well as with his tango orchestra "Orquesta Típica de la Guardia Vieja". He dances tango since 1994. He has combined both disciplines and created an absolutely unique and practical method for teaching tango music to dancers without musical education.

His method doesn't use any technical musical language at all. It allows the dancers to learn and incorporate to their dance all the different rhythmic units of tango music, from the simplest to the most complicated ones using a simple dancer's vocabulary.

Throughout the different courses, dancers of all levels can improve their musicality while dancing tango, being the first level course the best first tango class a dancer could take before starting to learn steps and figures.

No steps are taught in these classes. The workshops are not theorical and the dancers are moving in the dance floor working on the different exercises all throughout the class. In these workshops no difficult steps or figures are used, even though in the higher musical levels of dificulty.

For advanced dancers, proffesional dancers, performers and teachers there are courses of Tango's Form and Strucuture, different types of Syncopation, "Off-beat", Irregular strucutures, Choreographic Planning from the musical structure,etc.

For teachers, Joaquín also helds workshops on teaching tango music to tango dancers and teaching steps from the music as a starting point.

After ten years of working in this discipline, Joaquín has now published his Book and DVD "Tango: Let's dance to the music!" . Dancers can train themselves at home or with their teachers on all the different types of rhythms of tango music. Teachers as well can learn about didactics of tango music for dancers who do not have a musical education and apply it to their tango teaching. This unique hard copy book and DVD combine explanations, graphics, audio exercises and videos, what makes it an ideal tool for this work.

Joaquín Amenábar has been teaching tango music for dancers without musical education since 1998 in: Nürnberg, Stuttgart, Berlin, Munich, Kiel, Bochum, Hamburg, Rostock and Hannover in Germany; Wellington, Christchurch and Auckland in New Zealand; Canberra, Melbourne, Sidney and Adelaide in Australia; Chicago, San Diego and San Francisco in the USA; Istanbul in Turkey; London, Bristol, Cardiff, Birmingham, Totnes, Exeter, Glasgow and Edinburg in the UK; Roma, Nápoli and Peruggia in Italy, etc.

Besides Spanish, Joaquín speaks very fluently English, German, Italian, French and Portuguese which allows him to teach his wokshops in each countrie's local language.